Have you ever been falsely accused? With little to no opportunity to give your side of things? Consider this….

Think seriously, just for a few minutes, about taking the difficulties and tripwires your life affords you and turning them into an occasion for good. For joy. Think about it.

My Dad’s life in South Alabama in the middle of the real depression helped mold him into one of the finest men the world ever produced. He spent 3 days, yes 3 whole school days, in the second grade then on to the real Civilian Conservation Corp, truck farming and 18 wheel truck driving before marrying Mom and opening a little gas station in 1953 just south of Plant City.

That business he founded with my Mom became a restaurant that was wildly successful, beneficial to the soul of our community and also formed the foundation of BuddyFreddys, Grandpa Johnson’s BBQ, Fred’s, Johnson Barbeque, et al…..with more to come, I’d imagine.

I find that with an attitude of appreciation and gratitude you can become better, rather than bitter, and turn those challenges into opportunities for pure joy.

I am fortunate to have wonderful family, loyal friends and to have had some amazing life experiences – from growing up in Plant City, Florida; to a trip around the world solo; to politics firsthand, up-close and, as The Tampa Tribune publisher put it, to find myself “at the epicenter of the political universe” as Supervisor of Elections in Hillsborough County, Florida…..and lived to tell of it. I’ll share my views on that Elections office chapter and others in the future on this site.

Let’s all get busy being grateful for all life gives us.

Tell somebody something good today.

P.S. There is a short article about my life in the August 2012 issue of FOCUS Magazine (page 26) at http://www.focusplantcity.com/plant-city-issue-11-08-august-2012/ if you’d like to read it.